Server Room for a Manufacturing Facility

Greensboro, NC

Seeking a solution for a server room that reached 110-120 degrees during the summertime, Airnetik supplied three 12 ton portable units to maintain a consistent temperature in the space, protecting the equipment.

Movie Set

Atlanta, GA

During a six-month set-building project in Atlanta, GA, Airnetik provided four 25 ton units to supply heating and air conditioning options, as well as two 120kw power generators to supply electricity to the raw studio space.

Commercial Kitchen for an Airline

Raleigh, NC

Health code requires food to be prepared in a commercial kitchen at ambient temperature. When a mobile kitchen space for a commercial airline required a temporary solution, Airnetik provided two 5 ton portable units with ductwork customized to provide optimum temperature in the food prep area.

Freeze Protection for Grain Silos

Greensboro, NC

A local farm needed to keep grain from freezing, but temperatures had to stay low enough to keep mold from growing, so Airnetik provided a 400k BTU propane indirect heater.

Emergency Cooling for Retail Store

Winston Salem, NC

When a large retail store had an emergency HVAC failure late on a Friday summer afternoon, we provided spot coolers within hours, allowing the business to remain open without interruption to their customers.


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